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Addressing Cognitive Decline

To date there is no medical 'cure' for the devastating disease that is Alzheimer's. We are however in exciting times as ground breaking new research is coming through which offers real hope to finding solutions for anyone hoping to prevent, slow down and even reverse the effects of cognitive decline. This is not a simple process, and although it embraces lifestyle and dietary changes, it also involves comprehensive lab testing to identify the main drivers for the particular type of cognitive decline.

As genetic testing has become more accessible with DNA tests available to anyone who wants one, it is possible to identify individual risk factor. Having one or two copies of the ApoE4 gene will put someone at a higher risk for developing the disease, however individual biochemistry, diet and lifestyle play a huge role in determining whether this gene expresses itself. Dr Dale Bredesen is recognised internationally for his research and Protocol which identifies the larger array of metabolic factors affecting cognitive decline. Your genetics play a part, but so does hormone status, nutrient deficiencies, insulin resistance, inflammation levels, gastrointestinal permeability, toxicity, BMI and cholesterol levels. You can see that this is a highly complex process, but there is real positivity in the fact that it is not only down to the genetic cards you were dealt!

I'm thrilled to be involved in a new venture which is embracing The Bredesen Protocol. Have a look at for further information.

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